Thursday, February 25, 2010

Real Pain! Real Action

I am an American Studies major so I talk about race, and inequality over and over again until my head is on the brink of explosion. This past quarter I have come to the most significant and important realization in my matter how many times one could talk about the ills of society and how change is very much needed-THIS IS REAL!
* Never in my life have I felt that I have had to speak for an entire community when it comes to discussing the problems that we face in society
* Never in my life have I felt uncomfortable in my own house/room
* Never in My life have I felt uncomfortable with doing my own Hair in the presence of a person that does not share the same experiences as me or a member or ally of my community.
* Never did I think I would have to fight to take a class during my last quarter of my Undergrad career on People of Africa by a BLACK professor
* Never in my life have I been SO DAMN ANGRY!

Coming from Ghana, I have thought about the ways in which I could work towards incorporating some of Ghana's genuiness and truthfulness into my everyday living.

At the end of every trying day I reflect for 15 minutes before I lay my head down and fall asleep. Some of the things that I experience on a daily basis makes the very core of my soul ache, no one knows my struggle. My years in college have made me a very hopeful thinker in terms of human nature and the constant belief that racism and ignorance could be cured; 4 months till graduation and that dream for me has been shattered. I am a good and kind person by nature, I have good intentions and I hate to see people hurt. No one cares to see my hurt, and it is not a type of hurt emotionally, its the type that is an attack on not my character but the color of my skin.

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