Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mama Africa!

So I have been accepted to study Abroad for fall Quarter in Ghana!
I'm soooo excited and have already ordered my passport which will arrive in 2 to 3 weeks. Ghana, for me is more than an exotic adventure, it's a return to my ancestral homeland and a place where a lot of history regarding the slave Trade took part (Elmina Castle). Although, a lot of us(people within the African Diaspora) will not necessarily know from which specific part of Africa that we originated from it means a lot to me that I have been granted the opportunity to be apart of this wonderful 6 month journey.

I dont "knowingly" follow a lot of Fashion Trends but..

I am liking Va$htie's clothing line Violette. With locations in New York, France and Las Vegas, I bet the line will be extremely popular this year. I like her clothes for the fact that it's simple and colorful, both things that i take into consideration when shopping for clothes.

Some of you may already know Va$htie, she is a video director and works in the Music Industry as a Creative Director for Artist and Record labels. She is a Trinidadian American(Big up!!) hailing from Albany, New York. She also directed Kid Cudi's Video, "Heaven and Night" as well as "Us Placers" by Child Rebel Soldiers aka Kanye, Lupe and Pharell( who i think she also dated for a while). but anyway shes tight!

Violette New York Launch- Check it Out Here

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


its been a minute since I last been on here.
So many things have happened, from getting a new job to going to the State of the Black Union--Life is good!well,

My classes are killing me but I will try my hardest to pull through.
Im planning things for MCF and its a lot of pressure but you know what they say about pressure ( makes diamonds).

Im just sitting here waiting for class to start, got hella stuff to do but I will save that for later.
State of the Black Union was fun. I shall dedicate a post entirely to that later.

I was thinking...

When I first started this blogging stuff I was going for less "journal/diary" and more cultural discussions such as music, politics, you know--what's hot in the streets. So my goal from now on is to steer my writing into another creative direction.
I shall add video to my blogs as well, other than that I think I need more readers, Im doing Big things this year, making major moves and counting the days until Im out of here!