Monday, April 27, 2009

I wish ( Carl Thomas status)

Sometimes I wish there was no such thing as love. Not to say that I am in love or that I am bitter or anything but whats the big deal anyway.
You wanna know the worse thing.

You meet a guy and then you feel all happy and warm inside and then just like that they can make you feel so so so bad. you can go from eating to much to not eating at all if that makes sense.

I remember I had a conversation with the roommates the other day about being in love and found out that when you first fall in love you dont wanna eat anything and you dont wanna go to sleep and then when they dump you, ironically the same cycle happens again only this time you are crying for days.

My other roommate is always breaking up and making up with her boyfriend which could get annoying because everyone around gets the blunt end of it as well. Man, that sounds draining!

I dont think boys know how much power they have when it comes to relationships. I would say when girls like someone or love someone they love hard. I have never been in love ( at least i dont think) but from the sound of it, it seems painful and very troubling.

I can never like a person w/out thinking about the future.It's very sad.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

And then 4/20 Happened!

so Today is April 23, 2009 and Monday was the famous 4/20! The day that people with sense and some w/out smoke pot-marijuana-ganja-the herb-sticky icky, or whatever people call it these days. Everyone gathers at Porter Meadow on the UC Santa Cruz campus and lights' one up at 4:20 on the dot.

The school went far and beyond to hinder peoples urge to go to campus by only running certain buses and closing down the west-side of campus. IT DIDNT WORK!

It was one of the hottest days of the school year and to top it off everyone who smoked and had the munchies were at 711.

None of this bothers me at all but I have a real BIG problem when you bring my hero-legend Bob Marley into the mix.

everywhere that I went on campus someone was bumping Bob or playing one of his songs in celebration of this faux holiday!

Honestly, Marley is possibly turning in his grave, upset that after all of the things he has been through and all the things he has done in life ( Uniting Africa, World Peace, Rasta equality, Self-love, Killing hate ideologies, demolition of "isms-skisms", peace and love) all that he is celebrated for is smoking Ganja by white people, and hippies.

Bob Marley taught me the importance of Africa and it's great history that is unknown to most people. It's funny that he does criticize some WHITE people in his songs but thats a whole different post.

Bob Is one of my heroes and I refuse to let his legend be jaded with thoughts of getting high all day/everyday to initiate world peace. The Red, green and Gold Liberation flag that has come to symbolize so much to not only jamaicans but to every marginalized oppressed group within the African Diaspora has now been recognized as representation of Marijuana Solidarity in this sick country. no Dice!

Am I ranting?

Monday, April 13, 2009

What Is a DJ If He/She Cant Scratch to A Ranchera?

Honestly all I could do is sit back and dream because it would take me years and a whole lotta skills to even be decent on the turntables.
DJing should be considered a spectator sport due to its high use of speed, rhythm, and table techniques

Cross Fade into Silence and enjoy this video.
Stonekutters are the stuff!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Do You Remember?

For some odd reason the Jem and Holograms theme song was playing in my head last night and I didn't know why.
Most Definitely am Down with Jems style but the Misfits are tight too.
Cartoons are not like how they used to be. Instead of having Gullah Gullah Island you have frickin' Hannah Montana. No more Tom and Jerry. No more Anamaniacs. No more Looney Tunes. No more Disney cartoons on the DISNEY CHANNEL!

I wish there was a channel that showed all old school cartoons from the 90s and earlier, it would get a lot of views im sure.

We're Takin' It All!!