Thursday, February 25, 2010

Real Pain! Real Action

I am an American Studies major so I talk about race, and inequality over and over again until my head is on the brink of explosion. This past quarter I have come to the most significant and important realization in my matter how many times one could talk about the ills of society and how change is very much needed-THIS IS REAL!
* Never in my life have I felt that I have had to speak for an entire community when it comes to discussing the problems that we face in society
* Never in my life have I felt uncomfortable in my own house/room
* Never in My life have I felt uncomfortable with doing my own Hair in the presence of a person that does not share the same experiences as me or a member or ally of my community.
* Never did I think I would have to fight to take a class during my last quarter of my Undergrad career on People of Africa by a BLACK professor
* Never in my life have I been SO DAMN ANGRY!

Coming from Ghana, I have thought about the ways in which I could work towards incorporating some of Ghana's genuiness and truthfulness into my everyday living.

At the end of every trying day I reflect for 15 minutes before I lay my head down and fall asleep. Some of the things that I experience on a daily basis makes the very core of my soul ache, no one knows my struggle. My years in college have made me a very hopeful thinker in terms of human nature and the constant belief that racism and ignorance could be cured; 4 months till graduation and that dream for me has been shattered. I am a good and kind person by nature, I have good intentions and I hate to see people hurt. No one cares to see my hurt, and it is not a type of hurt emotionally, its the type that is an attack on not my character but the color of my skin.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Black History Month is in Full Effect

I Will Soon Be Here

Have you ever seen those tropical destination postcards imprinted with the phrase "wish you were here" and thought to your self, "I could use a vacation"?

Well Belize is that place.
Not only is Belize one of Mother Nature's best Kept Secret but she is also the homeland of my parents and their parents, and their parents, and their parents and so on.
As a Graduation Gift, my parents have decided to take me to Belize along with my cousin Aimee who will be graduating from high school. I am so excited and cant wait.I feel like a kid waiting patiently for Christmas to come.

Belize has come to symbolize more than a Central American destination, it is the place where my ancestors, stolen from Africa were deported soon after being ripped from their homeland and tossed around the Caribbean for a while. My people are Kriol, meaning that I am a descendant of the Baymen and Black African slaves that were brought to Belize to chop down Mahogany trees. and ever so recently I am the descendant of East Indian merchants who made their way to Belize in the early 1900s and the Spanish that have played a stake in most if not all of the Discoveries as well as misfortunes in Latin America and the Caribbean.

My Mom left Belize when she was just around 13 years old and has not been back in over 30 years. My father left Belize around the age of 20 in order to attend college in the states. I believe the last time he went back was about 6 years ago.

I am fortunate to take this trip and see the remains of where my mother used to live, the church where my father was baptized and the streets of which my grandfather used to trod with his noble mule and his sturdy cart. Also, the stone pyramids of the Mayan Indians ( Maya Ruins) in my parents hometown will open my eyes to a great civilization that used to be but is no more. The cayes ( pronounced "keys") of Belize will allow me to swim with sharks, snorkel right next to the worlds second largest barrier reef ( right after Australia) as well as boat-cruising right over the blue holes that are unique to Belize and its fascinating tropical life.

I'm soooooo excited!
5 1/2 more months!