Thursday, December 25, 2008

"I Bet I Can Add Up All The Change in Your Purse Very Fast" - Vintage Kanye

I Used to Say...
"Grades don't define how smart I Am"
"Grades don't dictate how successful you will become"
"Grades don't 'really' matter"
"Grades produce Low-Self Esteem"
"Grades Suck"!

That or course was before I got my grades for fall quarter
3 A's and a B+
I had to admit it was pretty exciting, and all of my family most definitely knew about it.

It was pretty tough though, I thought I was destined for straight C's at one point and was terrified about my standing in one class.

Well, I plan on spending at least the rest of this winter break relishing in my good scholarly deeds and then I have to focus on topping that for winter quarter, which tends to always be my most toughest quarters.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

From the West Side to the East Side!

There is Truly No place Like Home!

School has been very hectic since I last posted! I didn't go home for Thanksgiving which was really sad, I wanted so much to be back in LA with my uncle and cousins.

People are really starting to get on my bad side. Recently I told myself that I was not going to hold any grudges with annoying people because that's not who I am. lately I have been really wanting to strangle certain people.

I can't wait to go back home ( LA and Arizona)!Im done with school for right now!